About Us


The full service hair salon, Voilá Hair Atelier, is located at the very heart of Rancho Santa Fe. It is a destination where you will enjoy the romantic Spanish architecture of the building and the beautiful fountain in the interior patio that gives life to the quiet and elegant garden with majestic olive trees, symbolic of peace and balance. Within this beautiful environment, you will experience the creativity, devotion, care and artistic ability of the hair designers in our salon.

Their superior artistic inspiration comes solely from the burning desire to satisfy our clients’ needs, years of experience, dedication, education and team unity. We are committed to delivering only the very best service you ever will experience.

In the Salon, every word counts and we are ready to listen and transform your thoughts and visuals into physical art. We not only enjoy the physical transformation we create in each client, but also the change of energy and behavior that comes with it. We reach down deep under the skin, where happiness likes to hide. We touch the soul of each client, impacting his or her life in a very unique way. We believe in unveiling your natural beauty through precise hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, and creative make-up techniques.