9 professional tips for a beginner stylist

9 Dec

The brilliance of the catwalk, the luxury of hairstyles and the nuances of transformation have long inspired you to complete professional stylist courses, but doubts prevent you from taking a decisive step? Are you too excited and need help to finally grab a pen and start a resume? Do you need advice to write a stunning makeup artist cover letter?

We will talk about all the pros and cons of this specialty and give the necessary advice on how to start developing in the creative field!

Who is a stylist?

In a broad sense, the profession is a stylist – a specialist who creates the style (image) of a person. Usually this is a man orchestra: image maker, make-up artist, hairstylist and even designer. To determine how your creative skills meet the requirements of a stylist, you can familiarize yourself with the Linkedin profiles of popular stylists. But even if you are a novice specialist, you can use the help of a professional service to draw attention to your profile: https://resumesbot.com/linkedin-profile-writing-service/

Professional materials and techniques help the stylist come up with new images: cosmetics, clothes, hairstyle, makeup, photo images, inspiration and personal imagination. A professional stylist works to create the image of his client, emphasizes the advantages of his appearance. He picks up clothes, thinks over the whole image to the smallest detail.

What a stylist should be able to do:

  • Know the theory of color and styles;
  • Understand fashion trends;
  • Own the basics of creating hairstyles and makeup;
  • Be able to communicate with customers – each needs to find an individual approach;
  • Combine fabrics and elements of clothing.

Pros and cons of working as a stylist

To assess the real advantages and disadvantages of the stylist, according to professionals, it is possible only on their own experience.

The advantages of the profession include:

  • Creativity;
  • Ability to communicate with people;
  • Continuous improvement of skill;
  • Wages.

By cons:

  • High competition;
  • Emotional burnout;
  • Fatigue from constant work on the legs.
makeup artist profession

Required personal qualities:

In order to become a stylist, not only professional skills will be required, but also very specific personal qualities. The skill that should be mastered in the first place is the ability to communicate with different people.

Rude, sad, too active, restless, self-confident, proud – any of the clients should be satisfied in their new way. The stylist’s task is to help everyone accept themselves in a new light.

In order to understand the style correctly, combine the color and shades, to choose the right image for the client, a very flexible imagination is required. Experts advise you to train it constantly: find interesting details in everyday life, be inspired by art, good films, books.

A sense of taste and fashion trends is a skill that can be trained by looking at the many created images. However, if you have a sense of innate taste, it will be much easier to learn how to choose the right images for your customers.

Do you need a higher education to work as a stylist?

The issue of higher education for the stylist is controversial. Some say that the it broadens the horizons and helps to master new knowledge systematically. Others believe that university studies can be neglected. It is better to immediately engage in self-development and independent study of the industry, the development of a client base and professional contacts.

You can study as a stylist by reading books, watching videos on YouTube or completing short-term master classes.

However, specialists with certificates are still valued in the market. In order to work professionally as a stylist, you can use the special courses.

In reality, everything is in your hands! Higher education in Language will help the stylist to and beautifully express their thoughts correctly. Such a skill will come in handy for a master who wants to conduct his own copyright courses in time. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will allow the stylist to work abroad and attend world shows as a fashion stylist. The economic base or experience in PR will tell you how to successfully move in your own business, for example, in a beauty salon or beauty makeup studio.

How to start working as a stylist

You can take the first steps in the profession gradually: work for the first time for yourself or get a job in the studio. The number of customers and orders along with the salary will directly depend on your choice: work at home or at once in the salon.

Practice in a popular place will introduce you to famous representatives of the industry, and low wages in the initial stages will pay off with professional connections and discounts on workshops.

Working for yourself can play a trick with you and freeze the process of self-development. This can be prevented by devoting time to promotion on social networks and a competent business plan.

Time management and prioritization will begin to work for you gradually, and good advertising will earn more than a fixed rate in the cabin.

Do not be afraid to try! Get down to business right now. Be decisive and leave your familiar comfort zone. Dare, and you will conquer!


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